Useful Tools

Useful tools for studying or travelling abroad

Travelling to any country is exciting but can also be quite daunting at the same time, especially if the country you are travelling to does not speak the same language as you.  In today’s advanced world, however, you have the internet at your fingertips on your ever handy and trusted mobile device.

5 Tools that will help you whilst studying or travelling abroad

#1           TravelSafe Pro
A must for anyone travelling aboard as it has a whole host of useful and emergency contact numbers and information about the place your in or wants to visit.

#2           WordReference
WordReference is both a useful language tool and social media type application whereby you could even make some local friends.
You can look up and find many different translations, join a language forum in order to get help from someone who is local and it helps in introducing a person to some local people.

#3           Cheap Tickets
Cheap Tickets is one of the many applications that are mobile friendly across most platforms and has a list of various travel options, accommodations and activities for the travel to choose from.
You can book tickets or simply compare prices for various travel options.

#4           AroundMe
The is one of the handiest applications for a traveller as it lists bars, restaurants, hotels, banks, petrol stations and more.
It is compatible with most mobile devices including the Apple watch.It gives the traveller simple, quick access to information in and around the area you are in.
The application can either guide you with one of its maps or you  download directions directly to a TomTom, Apple or Google Map and Navigon to name but a few of the devices it is compatible with.

#5           Sounds
Compatible with most mobile devices this handy application helps with English pronunciations of a word.
You can look up any of the six hundred and fifty words in the wordlist and you can record your way of saying the word and then compare it to the actual pronunciation of the word.
This application is from Macmillan’s with access to their online MacMillan dictionary.


Before leaving for an overseas trip it is also good to have an application such as Zenly loaded on your phone as well as your family and or loved one’s phones in your home country.  This is a great peace of mind for your family back home and for the person travelling.