Useful Guides

Useful guides on studying abroad

Studying abroad is more than just throwing a few things in a suitcase and hopping on a plane.  It takes preparation, planning and depending on where you are going, there is a whole lot of documents, shots and various criteria you will need to meet before you buy your ticket.

Here are some useful guides to help you in your planning and preparations

#1           A Student Guide to Study Abroad
By Stacie Berdan, Allan E. Goodman and Sir Cyril Taylor
This is a comprehensive guide for any student wanting to study and travel abroad.  The book helps overcome the culture shock, have top tips and advice from over two hundred students who managed to navigate their new surroundings and succeeded.
The authors are all leading experts in the global job market and eagerly encourage students to gain experience by studying in a country besides that of your home.

#2           The Study Abroad Truth
By Sean O’Bryan and Connor LaVallie
This book recounts the experiences of several students that both loved and at times struggled whilst studying abroad.Their real-life experiences have been combined to offer the student looking to start the education in another country a better chance at avoiding the pitfalls they encountered.

#3           Preparing to Study Abroad
By Steven T. DukeThis book not only helps the students in the planning and preparations for studying abroad but also how to navigate the cultural boundaries as well.

#4           Prepare for Departure
There are always pitfalls and things you may miss as a novice to studying abroad this book helps to minimize the learning curve and dodge some of those pitfalls that may trip you up on your new adventures overseas.The author of this book takes his experiences from real life has been a manager of or a study abroad program that was held in Italy.

#5           Study Abroad
By Jobe David Leonard and Barbara Madison LeonardThis is a truly inspirational book that is a must-read for any student wanting to study abroad, especially in Europe. It takes a person on the real-life journey of Jobe from being a college student, all the hardships and challenges he faced whilst living and studying abroad.


Before filling in any forms or doing any test that may be necessary for entry into the country of your choice it is always advisable to check with the countries embassy to see if you have all the latest documentation and up-to-date rules, regulations and requirements.