5 Top safety tips for student studying abroad and tourists

Keeping safe whilst travelling

Keeping safe should be your top priority when travelling.  Whilst it will take some time to get to know the town, city or country you are travelling too here are a few safety tips that apply to any traveler.

5 Top safety tips for students, tourists and even business travelers

#1 Travel Insurance

Travel insurance does put a bit more money onto ones travel but it is well worth it.Make sure your travel insurance covers both medical expenses and your goods. Most places have free health cover for travelers, but it is best to have your own medical cover to ensure you the best possible treatment and if you land up in the hospital you are not slapped with heaps of unplanned medical bills. It is also best to cover all the items you have with you in case they get lost and or stolen.  Especially expensive cameras, phones and computer equipment.

#2 Distribute your cash and cards

Never take too much cash with yours, if you do have cash make sure you have some in a pocket not only a handbag and or wallet. And don’t forget to leave your stuff when you rent a car from Always have more than two bank cards, like a debit card, check card and or a credit card.

If one should go missing at least you still have access to some cash.

#3 Cut down on the alcohol and stay alert at night

Don’t overdo the socializing if you are in a strange city, especially if you have to make it home on your own after the function.

If walking alone at night stick to well lit and populated areas, know before setting off where the nearest public transport is or if you can it is sometimes worth the extra bit of cash to pay for a registered taxi to your destination.

If out at a club or pub never leave your drink unattended.

#4 Always ensure someone knows where you are

It is best to always let someone know where you are going.  Keep the address you are staying at on your phone and or somewhere on you in case of an emergency.

There are apps that you and your friends, family and or loved ones can each download onto your smartphones or devices that can let them know where you are always. This is especially important when you plan to rent a convertible in Los Angeles, a city with a high crime rate in some areas.

It at any time you are being harassed or feel you are being followed it is best to walk into the first crowded establishment, restaurant or hotel, find a clerk or someone who works there and seek help.  Have emergency numbers on your phone so you can dial the police and never go to the place that you are staying at until you are safe to do so.

#5 Blend into your surroundings

It is always best to try and blend into your surroundings.


The old cliché “it is better to be safe than sorry” should be something we all abide by especially when in a foreign land where we are strangers to their culture, habits and are trying to navigate our way around the place.

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