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5 Best International airlines for 2018

Choosing the best airline for your flight

There are so many international airlines to choose from these days.  Most of them fly to major destinations throughout the world with offices and ticketing facilities located in most countries for the convenience of world travelers.  If you are wanting to check up on the safety ratings and review of any airline you can either get to their websites or to independent airline review sites.

5 Best International airlines for 2018

#1 Air New Zealand

With their innovative travel programs, excellent pre-flight and in-flight services it is no wonder as to why Air New Zealand once again.

It is renowned for its friendly and extremely ground and air staff.

It offers spacious and comfortable seats even in the economy section they tend to keep customer comfort and care as their number one criteria.  Their in-flight entertainment is really good with a good menu choice for meals.

#2 Qantas

Has one of the highest safety ratings and an excellent flight history.

Quantas offers great deals throughout the year and its customer service is as first class as the flying experience with them.  Even when travelling in the economy they tend to treat a person like royalty in that they take extra special to ensure all their passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Quantas is one of the few airlines that always tend to come in the top five for best airline rating statistics.

#3 Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines usually enjoy the number one or very least number two top airline ranking since its inception.

This year saw it drop down to third place and only because the introduction of its new fleet of aircraft upgrades to the A380s was not introduced in time to make the cut for 2018.However, with all the new and improved upgrades to their aircraft, we are sure to see this airline regain its title for 2019.

With its hard to beat customer service from the booking of your airline ticket to inflight satisfaction this airline is rarely beaten.|
They have an excellent safety record.

#4 Virgin Australia

This airline has some of the best economy and business class products on offer, especially for long-haul flights. Their in-flight entertainment and service are uniquely Virgin Australia usually leaving a string of happy customers at the airport of their destination.

There are always great offers and packages available through this airline all year round and are worth looking into for your next long-haul flight if they service your part of the world.

#5 Etihad Airways

Although this airline had some financial issues this it remains one of the top airlines in the world.  With a good safety record and lots of great in-flight entertainment, services and offers great packages.

Their service is nothing but five stars and their cabins all tend to be spacious and designed for optimum comfort and safety for all passengers.


If you want to enjoy your flight be sure to check out the reviews and comments of an airline before buying your ticket.  Especially for those who are first-time flyers, you don’t want to have a bad flight experience.

One of the best sources to check out airline rating is

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