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5 Easy ways to meet people when travelling abroad

Part of travelling to different places is the excitement of meeting new people

Whether you are travelling alone, with a companion or even in a group meeting different people is part of the travelling experience.  But it can be rather awkward and a bit trying most of the times.

5 Easy ways to meet people when travelling abroad

#1 Join a sports club

One of the best ways to meet people is to join a sports club, such as golf, tennis, soccer and any sport that involves interaction.
Sports clubs usually have great functions, evening charity events, sporting events and you get to meet and get to know people face to face.

Not to mention you can usually tell what a person is like by how they play a game.

#2 Stay with a family

Usually called “Homestays” these are great for students as there are always families willing to take in foreign students.  They usually have children or some family members that are in the same age group, with some common hobbies which makes it great for socializing with groups who are familiar with their surroundings.

There are places on the Internet that can connect you with the perfect family in the correct location.

Airbnd is one such site.

Another good place to meet people is to stay at a local hostel.

#3 Be a volunteer

There are many organizations that can set a traveler up for volunteer work that gets a person not only doing something constructive with their time but also enables them to meet other like-minded people.

There are many companies all over the Internet that do this, just make sure the establishment is legitimate and read up reviews on it.

#4 Social clubs

Good old socializing the old fashioned more personal way.  Social clubs host dance evenings, picnics and various other fun-filled events that are designed to get people of various age groups to mingles.  There are also various dance clubs one can join, especially ballroom and salsa clubs.

You could also try going to various language courses and then of course if you are there studying there are always student groups to get involved in and your classmates.

Study groups are another good place to meet people!

#5 Online social media applications

There are many, many social media applications that can help with one’s social life.  You do not even have to leave the comfort of your house.  You can meet people in your night clothes, without even having to brush your hair or for women put makeup one.
This is where you put the power of applications such as Facebook, Instagram, travel buddy applications, dating applications and various others to the test.

There are also discussion boards, chat rooms and why not try playing a two player or more online game.


If meeting people through a social media app always remember to do so in a crowded place!

Do not go off alone with someone you have just met and always let a friend or family member know where you are going.