UMGSA is passionate about education and believes that nothing broadens your knowledge more than travel.

With the global economy in the state, it is in there is steep competition for most jobs these days.  Usually newly graduated students are the ones having to compete in a touch job pool.  Adding working experience to one’s portfolio is a sure way to get a few steps ahead of your competition in the job market.

Our years of combined teaching and travel experience offer a unique perspective on ways for students to obtain their educational goals whilst broadening their horizons as they travel to locations around the world.

With today’s student exchange programs, teaching opportunities and technology out there, there is not much that one cannot accomplish if one sets their minds to it knows where to look and we at UMGSA know where to look!

Our travel experts work tirelessly to find the best travel package deals which include accommodations, travel and transport that are on the market.

We share articles and information on the best places around the world for students wanting to work. Study and travel.

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