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5 Best International airlines for 2018

Choosing the best airline for your flight

There are so many international airlines to choose from these days.  Most of them fly to major destinations throughout the world with offices and ticketing facilities located in most countries for the convenience of world travelers.  If you are wanting to check up on the safety ratings and review of any airline you can either get to their websites or to independent airline review sites.

5 Best International airlines for 2018

#1 Air New Zealand

With their innovative travel programs, excellent pre-flight and in-flight services it is no wonder as to why Air New Zealand once again.

It is renowned for its friendly and extremely ground and air staff.

It offers spacious and comfortable seats even in the economy section they tend to keep customer comfort and care as their number one criteria.  Their in-flight entertainment is really good with a good menu choice for meals.

#2 Qantas

Has one of the highest safety ratings and an excellent flight history.

Quantas offers great deals throughout the year and its customer service is as first class as the flying experience with them.  Even when travelling in the economy they tend to treat a person like royalty in that they take extra special to ensure all their passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Quantas is one of the few airlines that always tend to come in the top five for best airline rating statistics.

#3 Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines usually enjoy the number one or very least number two top airline ranking since its inception.

This year saw it drop down to third place and only because the introduction of its new fleet of aircraft upgrades to the A380s was not introduced in time to make the cut for 2018.However, with all the new and improved upgrades to their aircraft, we are sure to see this airline regain its title for 2019.

With its hard to beat customer service from the booking of your airline ticket to inflight satisfaction this airline is rarely beaten.|
They have an excellent safety record.

#4 Virgin Australia

This airline has some of the best economy and business class products on offer, especially for long-haul flights. Their in-flight entertainment and service are uniquely Virgin Australia usually leaving a string of happy customers at the airport of their destination.

There are always great offers and packages available through this airline all year round and are worth looking into for your next long-haul flight if they service your part of the world.

#5 Etihad Airways

Although this airline had some financial issues this it remains one of the top airlines in the world.  With a good safety record and lots of great in-flight entertainment, services and offers great packages.

Their service is nothing but five stars and their cabins all tend to be spacious and designed for optimum comfort and safety for all passengers.


If you want to enjoy your flight be sure to check out the reviews and comments of an airline before buying your ticket.  Especially for those who are first-time flyers, you don’t want to have a bad flight experience.

One of the best sources to check out airline rating is

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Top 5 travel destinations for 2018

Spoilt for choice of holiday destinations?

Choosing a holiday destination can be a bit tricky especially when you are so spoilt for choice.   We have put together some of the top destinations for 2018 that may help narrow down the choice.

Top 5 travel destinations for 2018

#1 Grenada

Grenada, or the Spice Island as it is known, has a new hotel opening in March this year.  The Silversands Hotel which is set to attract the elite crowd to its luxurious offerings is set to open the Grand Anse Beach.  The hotel will have luxury hotel rooms, suites, villas and boasts of having the Islands biggest swimming pool.

There are now daily boat services to the Island New York city and is the stop for a whole lot of new cruises ships.
There is ongoing construction on this developing Islands as new resorts are currently in the works.
This is a Caribbean trip you won’t want to miss out on.

#2 Fiji

With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters boasting of coral reefs that are home to some exotic sea life surrounding lush green rainforest Fiji is the destination of dreams.

Now sporting a new resort opening in March this year that will offer the ultimate in luxury accommodations, activities, spas and retreats.Good food, sun, sea and sand will have you lazy on a well-placed deck chair sipping on those fruity cocktails sporting their teeny umbrella’s,

#3 Archipelago Sea

One of Finland’s best-kept secrets is the worlds largest shoreline with a string of islands, most families owned vacation islands.
There are some islands that you can rent out holiday homes to have a stay on your very own island.     With its medieval allure and old-world charm, Archipelago Sea offers a host of fun activities that will suit the entire family plus numerous things to do and see all around the area.

If it is a destination that has not been overly travelled you are looking for then this is the place to go.
With increased transportation to and from the place making it a lot easier to access.

#4 Montenegro

With ancient cities, medieval architecture and history Montenegro is a  place that should be on everyone’s bucket list.
New resorts expected to boost high-end tourist trade, plus the many historical tours and activates on off this is a great place to visit.

#5 San Antonia, Texas

San Antonia, Texas is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year with a host of new attraction unveilings, various festivals and activities mapped out for the year.

This is an exciting year to visit this historic town in Texas and will have something for everyone to enjoy.


Before travelling always check the weather with the local weather stations to avoid having the disappointment of cancelled flights and or long tedious waits at the airport that are sure to put a damper on your vacation.
Always check for flight cancellations and or delays before going to the airport on the day of your travels.

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5 Easy ways to meet people when travelling abroad

Part of travelling to different places is the excitement of meeting new people

Whether you are travelling alone, with a companion or even in a group meeting different people is part of the travelling experience.  But it can be rather awkward and a bit trying most of the times.

5 Easy ways to meet people when travelling abroad

#1 Join a sports club

One of the best ways to meet people is to join a sports club, such as golf, tennis, soccer and any sport that involves interaction.
Sports clubs usually have great functions, evening charity events, sporting events and you get to meet and get to know people face to face.

Not to mention you can usually tell what a person is like by how they play a game.

#2 Stay with a family

Usually called “Homestays” these are great for students as there are always families willing to take in foreign students.  They usually have children or some family members that are in the same age group, with some common hobbies which makes it great for socializing with groups who are familiar with their surroundings.

There are places on the Internet that can connect you with the perfect family in the correct location.

Airbnd is one such site.

Another good place to meet people is to stay at a local hostel.

#3 Be a volunteer

There are many organizations that can set a traveler up for volunteer work that gets a person not only doing something constructive with their time but also enables them to meet other like-minded people.

There are many companies all over the Internet that do this, just make sure the establishment is legitimate and read up reviews on it.

#4 Social clubs

Good old socializing the old fashioned more personal way.  Social clubs host dance evenings, picnics and various other fun-filled events that are designed to get people of various age groups to mingles.  There are also various dance clubs one can join, especially ballroom and salsa clubs.

You could also try going to various language courses and then of course if you are there studying there are always student groups to get involved in and your classmates.

Study groups are another good place to meet people!

#5 Online social media applications

There are many, many social media applications that can help with one’s social life.  You do not even have to leave the comfort of your house.  You can meet people in your night clothes, without even having to brush your hair or for women put makeup one.
This is where you put the power of applications such as Facebook, Instagram, travel buddy applications, dating applications and various others to the test.

There are also discussion boards, chat rooms and why not try playing a two player or more online game.


If meeting people through a social media app always remember to do so in a crowded place!

Do not go off alone with someone you have just met and always let a friend or family member know where you are going.


5 Top safety tips for student studying abroad and tourists

Keeping safe whilst travelling

Keeping safe should be your top priority when travelling.  Whilst it will take some time to get to know the town, city or country you are travelling too here are a few safety tips that apply to any traveler.

5 Top safety tips for students, tourists and even business travelers

#1 Travel Insurance

Travel insurance does put a bit more money onto ones travel but it is well worth it.Make sure your travel insurance covers both medical expenses and your goods. Most places have free health cover for travelers, but it is best to have your own medical cover to ensure you the best possible treatment and if you land up in the hospital you are not slapped with heaps of unplanned medical bills. It is also best to cover all the items you have with you in case they get lost and or stolen.  Especially expensive cameras, phones and computer equipment.

#2 Distribute your cash and cards

Never take too much cash with yours, if you do have cash make sure you have some in a pocket not only a handbag and or wallet. And don’t forget to leave your stuff when you rent a car from Always have more than two bank cards, like a debit card, check card and or a credit card.

If one should go missing at least you still have access to some cash.

#3 Cut down on the alcohol and stay alert at night

Don’t overdo the socializing if you are in a strange city, especially if you have to make it home on your own after the function.

If walking alone at night stick to well lit and populated areas, know before setting off where the nearest public transport is or if you can it is sometimes worth the extra bit of cash to pay for a registered taxi to your destination.

If out at a club or pub never leave your drink unattended.

#4 Always ensure someone knows where you are

It is best to always let someone know where you are going.  Keep the address you are staying at on your phone and or somewhere on you in case of an emergency.

There are apps that you and your friends, family and or loved ones can each download onto your smartphones or devices that can let them know where you are always. This is especially important when you plan to rent a convertible in Los Angeles, a city with a high crime rate in some areas.

It at any time you are being harassed or feel you are being followed it is best to walk into the first crowded establishment, restaurant or hotel, find a clerk or someone who works there and seek help.  Have emergency numbers on your phone so you can dial the police and never go to the place that you are staying at until you are safe to do so.

#5 Blend into your surroundings

It is always best to try and blend into your surroundings.


The old cliché “it is better to be safe than sorry” should be something we all abide by especially when in a foreign land where we are strangers to their culture, habits and are trying to navigate our way around the place.

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The 5 Best Countries in Which to Study Abroad

Choosing the country to go study in

There are many fascinating countries which offer some of the best education in the world.

UMGSA has highlighted a few that not only give the student a first-class academic education but is sure to broaden a student cultural education whilst there.

5 best countries to study abroad in for 2018

#1 South Korea

In a recently released survey, South Korea ranked number one as the top destination for students to study abroad.

Now the worlds eleventh largest economy and a continued steady growth South Korea has a lot to offer in form of education.  It has an impressive list of academic institutes with a wide range of studies.  The country is also well known for its Hi-tech industry and extremely service-based economy.

It is steeped in history, culture with diverse and beautiful landscapes from mountains, cherry blossoms and beaches.

#2 Italy

Is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to study abroad.

Even though most of the study programs do not require Italian it would be a shame to go to Italy and not get to learn one of the “Languages of Love”!  Learning Italian on the side will help with blending with the locals for a truly integrated experience.
It has excellent academic programs across the board offered at the finest institutes.

Italy has the warmth of the Italian people, excellent food, a rich cultural history displayed by the many historical sites and beauty as far as the eye can see.

#3 England

Still one of the most popular destinations for a student wanting to study abroad.  England has some of the finest academic institutes in the world to offer students.

With English spoken everywhere and its diverse cultural mix students are eased into the change of culture as products from all over the world are not that hard to find.

It is, however, one of the most expensive places to go study though.

#4 Australia

With some of the finest establishments in the world which offer most every academic major with science and business studies being top of the list.

The thing to remember about going to Australia, especially for people from the Northern hemisphere, Australia’s seasons are completely opposite.  When the Northern Hemisphere is in Winter they are in Summer.

It has some of the most amazing beaches, animals and offers a world of adventure you will not experience anywhere else in the world.

#5 Costa Rica

If it is value for money you are looking for and a land with a lot of urban flairs, wild outdoor adventures and Latin-American soul Costa Rica is the place for you.

They take their education seriously inside and outside of the classroom with costs not as high as most other countries.
To learn or brush up on your Spanish there is no better place than Costa Rica.


One of the best sources of information when choosing your country is to speak to an educator from your home country.  They will be able to best advise you depending on your chosen academic path.

Always have one or two back up countries and academic institutions in case you are unable, for whatever reasons, to go to the country and learning academy of your first choice.

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4 Tips for preparing for the IELTS

What is the IELTS?

IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System” and is a standardized English language test to gauge an international student’s English language proficiency.

The test was first established in 1989 and is managed by the IELTS Australia IDP, British Council and the Cambridge English Language Assessment.  In the United States, the IELTS is accepted by over three-thousand academic institutes and various other countries around the world.  These countries include Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain to name but a few.

It is also the only test approved by the UK Immigration and visas, Australia and New Zealand.

4 Tips for preparing for the IELTS

#1 Listen

Listening is one of the first sections a student will be tested on. When practicing try and not pause or stop the recording during the test you will only be able to listen to the test recording once. It is useful to highlight various expressions, write down solutions to problems and a good way to practice your listening skills is to listen to a radio news broadcast, podcast or watch a documentary on the TV.

Write down various topics that may have caught your interest then go over them and analyze them carefully.
During the test ensure you fully understand the task at hand, double check any instructions as well as your answers.

#2 Read

Reading is the second section of the test and it is advisable to get yourself a great English dictionary to look up and be sure you fully understand the meaning of any words that you are unsure of.

You should read whatever literature you can before taking and or preparing for the test.Make sure that whilst you are reading you are not translating the text back into your native language.  Think about the words and their meanings in English, you do not have to sit with a dictionary next to you and in today’s advanced world you can quickly look up any words you are stuck with online whilst preparing for the test.

#3 Writing

The third part of the test is writing every day try and write down parts of the news, copy English sentences from the books you are reading.  Make sure you understand all the words you have written in the sentence.  If you do not look them up, say them, understand them and write them again.

Every day try and get a little faster with your writing but try not compromise on the accuracy and legibility of your penmanship.

#4 Vocabulary

English is not the easiest of languages to learn but it is very important to know the correct context of words.

Once again the best way to do this is either with an online application or getting a book that explains the proper use and context of various words in different sentences.

Remember to practice your pronunciation of each word, the more you do the more fluent your speech will become.


The test is broken down into four sections there is the listening section which is thirty minutes, the reading section with taking sixty minutes, the writing section which takes sixty minutes and the speaking section which is roughly eleven to fourteen minutes.  The first three test is done on the same day in one sitting with the speaking tests done up to seven days after the first three.